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Shop 16, Palm Court, 172 The Entrance Road Erina NSW (02) 4365 5995 Clinic Hours Book Online
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Carissa offers a synergistic combination of Naturopathy, Nutrition and Holistic Health Coaching.

She is passionate about providing a holistic approach to health that includes nutrition and lifestyle alongside mindset practices to help people take back control of their health and wellness as they create a version of themselves that is full of energy, motivation and inspired by life.

We live in a busy world, with conflicting roles and responsibilities that can make change harder. You are encouraged to make small, incremental and sustainable changes that are supported by your personalised Naturopathic Health Plan and the education and support you need to enhance and improve your wellbeing through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

How does it work?

When you book in for your Initial Consultation you will receive an Intake Form and a Food Diary, these are to help build the picture of your current health status.

At our first consultation we will discuss your current health concerns and go through your health history in detail to help Carissa understand what has brought you to this space.

If your case is complex we may require for further time for additional research and we may need Functional Testing to help provide a full picture of your health status, whilst also providing a measurable marker in which for us to work with.

When we work holistically we need to commit to the changes to make them work. Of course, life gets in the way, that is why your personalised health plan takes this in to consideration, making the changes small, incremental and sustainable.

Consider investing in a package that includes weekly check-in and accountability alongside deeper coaching support to keep you on track to meet your personal health, wellness and life goals.

What areas does Carissa work with?

As a Naturopath Carissa is trained to work on the body as a whole, however she does specialise in the following areas. If you are wondering if Naturopathy, Nutrition or Holistic Health Coaching can help you, book in for a FREE 15-minute Discovery call HERE to talk to Carissa and find out more.

Hormonal Imbalances
Hormonal imbalances don’t just affect women. The endocrine system is a complex messenger system between hormones and glands in the body which, when out of balance, can lead to significant health issues and symptoms that can exacerbate if intervention is not made soon enough.

Hormones are important for mood, growth, sleep and energy, reproduction and weight management, so when one area is under strain, the effects can snowball.

The main areas we see hormonal imbalance are with the adrenals, thyroid and pancreas, which are affected by poor nutrition, lifestyle choices, environmental and chemical toxin exposure, medications, drugs and alcohol.

Conditions that Naturopathy can assist with include:

• Thyroid conditions
• Adrenal issues – stress, fatigue, energy complaints
• Sleep issues
• Type 2 Diabetes
• Gallbladder complaints
• Digestive issues

Female Reproductive Health
Many women are frustrated by their menstrual cycle due to the roller coaster it can take us on, from acne to period pain, PMS, headaches, cravings and anxiety, experiencing these symptoms with our cycle is not normal, and without proper understanding of what is happening in our body, and why it may be happening, we can feel like our body is not our own.

There has not been enough education for women in this area, and it is something Carissa is very passionate about helping to change the conversation and education around our amazing bodies and how we can fall in love with them again.

Reproductive hormonal imbalances, like all hormonal imbalances, need a minimum of 3-months for a holistic health plan to be implemented due to the cyclical nature of your cycle and the process of naturally guiding hormones into balance with nutrition and lifestyle changes alongside specific herbal tonics and supplementation.

We live in a fast-paced society, but our body work at a slower pace, which is why natural medicine has a more gentle and holistic approach to guide the body back into its natural state of balance.

You may require Functional Testing to understand the current hormonal balances in the body. These may include:

• Blood Tests with your GP for a full hormonal assay
• DUTCH Complete Test
• Cortisol Testing
• Adrenal Hormone Testing
• Or individual hormone testing

Female reproductive conditions that Naturopathy can assist with include:

• Dysmenorrhoea – heavy and / or painful periods
• Amenorrhoea – missing periods
• Oligomenorrhea – infrequent or really light periods
• PCOS – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
• Acne
• Perimenopause and menopause
• Endometriosis
• Uterine Fibroids
• Osteoporosis
• Preconception fertility, pregnancy and post-birth care

Digestive Disorders
When our gut is not feeling great, neither are we! What we put into our digestive system affects our whole body. If we are unable to digest and assimilate nutrients we will experience fatigue, immune issues, nervous system issues and general malaise and un-wellness…not to mention the physical symptoms that directly come from a digestive system that is not working – bloating, gas, pain, gurgling tummy – none of these are fun, but Naturopathy and a holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle alongside herbal tonics and supplementation can really help here.

Conditions that Naturopathy can assist with include:

• Irritable Bowel Syndrome
• Anxious Gut Symptoms
• Parasitic infections
• Heartburn & Reflux
• Gastritis
• Diarrhoea & Constipation
• Inflammatory Bowel Conditions – Coeliac Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease

Anxiety, Stress, Fatigue & Low Energy
Anxiety, panic attacks and prolonged stress happen when the body is responding to what it perceives as a challenging or potentially dangerous situation. We can experience beneficial amounts of stress, however in our modern society many of us are finding ourselves filled with anxiety on a daily basis – from children to adults and even senior adults.

Fatigue and low energy can be experienced on their own, as part of anxiety and stress symptoms or as part of a hormonal picture.

Stress, hormone imbalances, lack of sleep, and poor lifestyle and nutrition choices are all contributing factors that can lead us to feel tired and exhausted. And if you are relying on coffee or caffeine drinks to get you going, or keep you going, this is only adding further stress to an already over-stretched nervous system.

Naturopathy, Nutrition and Holistic Health Coaching can provide you with the tools you need to confidently make sustainable changes that help improve your energy levels naturally through diet and lifestyle changes alongside a personal health plan that includes specific herbs and supplements to meet your needs.

A holistic approach to managing our mental wellness is key, therefore Carissa is happy to work collaboratively alongside your doctor and psychologist.

Conditions that Naturopathy can assist with include:

• Chronic Stress
• Generalised Anxiety Disorders
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorders
• Adrenal and Chronic Fatigue
• Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorders
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorders