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Shop 16, Palm Court, 172 The Entrance Road Erina NSW (02) 4365 5995 Clinic Hours Book Online
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Nathalie’s Body & Sole Therapies - Reflexology to Relax, Restore & Revitalise

Reflexology has been around for thousands of years but the Ingham style was pioneered in America after Zone therapy was established in the early 1900’s. Gentle pressure & soothing techniques are applied to the feet, hands or ears that correspond with organs, nerves, glands and all parts of the body. Stress, toxins and illness create blockages inhibiting the flow of energy. When these blockages are stimulated it allows the congested reflexes to clear allowing energy to be restored and wellness to return.

Reflexology is all about bringing health and balance to the body. It benefits everyone from babies to those in aged care. Although we do not diagnose or cure ailments, it facilitates the body to be well and in harmony. This non-invasive modality also compliments other therapies and modern medicine.

Each session is usually an hour and you will be asked to remove your footwear so you can get comfortable on the massage table. A foot bath, hot towels or if requested essential oils are used to aid the treatment. A series of sessions may be recommended if the condition is chronic or to support pregnancy for example.

Some proven benefits are:

  • Reducing stress & promoting deep relaxation
  • Encourages the body to heal any current disorders
  • Improve the immune system
  • Boosts lymphatic function
  • Balancing all body systems
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Encourages better circulation
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Assists post-operative recovery by decreasing pain & increasing healing.

Another treatment you may be interested to try is an Ayurvedic Kansa Vatki Foot massage. This is a deeply relaxing foot massage using a small metal bowl that helps to draw out excess heat and toxins, thereby leaving the entire body cool and refreshed. The treatment relaxes tired feet, improves joint mobility and promotes a sound sleep. This wonderfully relaxing experience balances the three Doshas (body energies) of Ayurveda – Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Nathalie is a qualified Reflexologist, Aromatherapist and has a Diploma in Health Science. She is a member of The Reflexology Association of Australia.