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Shop 16, Palm Court, 172 The Entrance Road Erina NSW (02) 4365 5995 Clinic Hours Book Online

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About us

Your Health is

Our Primary Concern

Central Coast Health HQ is an Award Winning family run Upper Cervical Chiropractic Health Centre focusing on improving your Nervous System Function

Many factors make Central Coast Health HQ one of the most successful practices on the Central Coast. Most Chiro’s focus on just Neck and back pain and although we have great results in helping patients with these issues at HEALth HQ we focus more on your Nervous System function.

We have spent the past 20 years studying, researching, developing and helping people with our unique approach. We help support the normal function of your Spine, as well as your bodies Natural ability to HEAL…

This method gives us a predictable framework for assessing and delivering care to our clients.

Some Reasons People Choose to See us:

– Sciatica/Leg Pain
– Headaches/Migraines
– Recurring Back Pain
– Pain in Neck & Shoulders
– Difficultly Sleeping
– Fatigue/Low Energy
– Fibromyalgia
– Improved Quality of Life just to name a few

Our multicultural team and a diversified range of experience and techniques used helped make us a finalist and winner in the Central Coast Business Awards. We cater for all age groups from new born babies, school kids, adults, Athletes, to the elderly clients who may have challenges with their mobility.


Health HQ Central Coast has specialised health care departments.

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There are several ways to make an appointment at Syring Medical Center.

Our vision

Combining Quality Care & Modern Techniques.

To support, nurture, educate and inspire families in our community to be happy, healthy and functioning to the best of their abilities, by exceeding expectations through specific chiropractic and natural health care.
After Hours

Customers Come First.

We are aware that not all clients can visit our Erina clinic in normal business hours due to their business and family commitments so we open our clinic at hours to cater for you needs.
what we do

Chiropractic Care

Sports Chiropractic

Dr Jorge Chavez has over 15 years experience in Sports Chiropractic helping athletes ranging from Footballer from the Central Coast Mariners, International Rugby 7's, Oztag NSW, to local junior. Sports Chiropractors are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of sport related injury. They are proficient in injury prevention and rehabilitation measures.

Back Pain Assesment

We have spent the past 20 years studying, researching, developing and helping people with our unique approach to Back PAIN, which is a holistic whole body approach for supporting the normal function of your Spine, as well as your bodies Natural ability to HEAL...

This method gives us a predictable framework for assessing and delivering care to our clients and we want to offer that to you...

So if you've had Back pain or Migraines and want a holistic way to support your body then book a consultation with our head Chiropractor Dr Jorge CHAVEZ and let’s see if we can help…

Digital Xrays

At HEALth HQ we are the ONLY clinic on the entire central coast to have a Upper Cervical Digital X-ray Machine Onsite.


Dr Jorge Chavez as a result of growing up experiencing daily headaches and debilitating migraines, he has a very special and personal interest in helping people who suffer from on going Headaches and Migraines. With over 20 years of studying, helping, and developing a new approach to migraine treatments you can rest assured that your in good hands at HEAlth HQ.

Pregnancy Chiro

Due to his vast knowledge and experience in pregnancy Chiropractic & spinal health, Dr Jorge Chavez receives numerous referrals from local GP's, Midwives and other health care practitioners when it comes to anything spinal related during pregnancy. During pregnancy it is not uncommon for the expectant mother to experience pain and discomfort as her body adapts to the many changes taking place as a result of the growing child within her. These not only include the many hormonal changes but also biomechanical changes as the body deals with the extra weight and the inevitable changes in posture.

Such changes can affect the expectant mother’s spine and nervous system which may in turn result in compromises to nerves, joints, connective tissue, ligaments, posture and stability.

At Central Coast Health HQ we monitor the events taking place within your changing body with special emphasis on your spine and nervous system. Ensuring that the spine, pelvis and nervous system remain in optimal condition is our primary focus. Ensuring the expectant mother is free from Vertebral Subluxations allows her and her developing baby to function at their best.

In fact research shows us that pregnant mothers who have regular chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy experience greater comfort, less pain as well as shorter labour and delivery times with fewer complications and fewer interventions. As a whole these mothers experience a sense of vitality and wellness throughout their pregnancy and are thus better prepared to deal with the challenges of childbirth.
Book in for a "Bump Ready" Chiropractic assessment today with Dr Jorge Chavez
Regular spinal checks are an important part of maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system to ensure both the expectant mum as well as the unborn child are as healthy as possible. Remember, your body is changing in many ways and that can place a great deal of stress on your spine and nervous system. So rather than wait for problems to arise, we recommend a monthly check up at our clinic for all of our pregnant patients.


Your sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in your body, runs from your lower spine, through your hips/buttocks, and down your legs. Sciatica occurs when surrounding tissue puts pressure on this nerve, causing pain, tingling, numbness, or other types of discomfort.

Because of the length and placement of this nerve, sciatic pain is very difficult to ignore and can often prevent you from walking, sitting, or standing as you normally would. The pain may be worse while you are sitting, as this stretches the muscles and puts further pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Sciatica pain ranges in severity from person to person and may be intermittent or constant.

Upper Cervical

Dr Jorge Chavez was the first Upper Cervical Chiropractor on the Central Coast. He is one of the most experience Atlas Orthogonal practitioner in Australia. His vast knowledge and experience in the Upper Cervical (neck) Spine is the reason why so many travel hours to see him.

Workers Comp

If you have been injured at work you need to get the right treatment as soon as possible. Getting the right treatment for injuries sustained via workplace accidents is vitally important to getting you out of pain and back to leading a normal life sooner. When you have an injury at work it doesn’t just affect your work life, but it can have devastating effects on your family as well. That’s why it is important to make an appointment to see the highly qualified chiropractors at HEALth HQ in ERINA as soon as an injury has occurred. In addition, work cover claims tend to run smoother if you take action close to the time of your workplace accident.

All the chiropractors at HEALth HQ are Work Cover NSW approved and can provide a treatment plan specific for your needs.All forms of injuries are important and need to be addressed not matter how big or small.

Workplace AccidentsCommon injuries treated through WorkCover NSW insurance include:

Lower back injuries and disc bulges, which can lead to nerve damage or sciatica.
Sprain/strain injuries, this commonly occurs in the cervical spine (neck), shoulders or in the elbow (lateral epicondylitis, tennis elbow). This is often from poor work ergonomic and poor posture during long hours of computer work or any type of work that has a repetitive nature.
Motor vehicle Accidents (MVA) are very common can have long lasting affects if you have been involved in a car accident. If you are driving directly to or from work, or driving is a normal part of you job and you have an accident, no matter whose fault it is, you may be eligible to claim your injury as part of WorkCover NSW. Common injuries associated with car accidents include whiplash, neck injury, dizziness, pin’s and needles in you hands or legs, mid-back pain and lower back pain.

Postural & Ergonomic Advice

Poor posture can strain your joints and nerves and ultimately lead to headaches, neck and shoulder tension, sciatica and hip and knee pain.
A chiropractor can help you with fixing bad posture by finding the underlying cause of your problems. By correcting the root of your bad posture, you can start sitting and standing up straight without having to constantly remind yourself.

Why Choose

Central Coast Health HQ

Why Choose Central Coast Health HQ

We use a groundbreaking method – We’re one of the pioneers of Impulse IQ and Atlas Orthogonal on the central coast. This technique provides long-term results by removing mechanical stress from your body’s skeletal, muscular and tissue structures.

  • Customer service and patients health ALWAYS comes first
  • Latest in spinal adjustment techniques, Impulse IQ, Atlas Orthogonal, Diversified
  • Official Chiropractor for the Central Coast Academy of Sport 2011-14
  • Preferred Chiropractor for the Central Coast Mariners 2012-2017
  • Latest Digital X-ray machine onsite
  • Only Upper Cervical Chiropractor on the central coast
  • We explain everything before we start care
  • We are Big on patient education to help you, help us, by helping yourself
  • Full team including Chiro, Massage, Acupuncturist, Nutrionist to help you get health and stay healthy
  • Over 15 years experience and serving the central coast since 2003
Our Staff Members

Meet The Team

Dr Jorge Chavez

Head Chiropractor, Atlas Orthogonal

Dr Shannon Casinto

Chiropractor, Atlas Orthogonal, Flexion Distraction

Judith Chavez

Hydrafacial MD


Chiropractic Assistant

Renee Jones

Chiropractic Assistant and PR Management



Emma Snare


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